Вакансія Фахівець,фахівчиня з питань захисту цивільного населення, Харків. Пошук роботи в Харкові - Робота Фахівець,фахівчиня з питань захисту цивільного населення (CIVIC). Шукаю роботу в Харкові.

Мінімум раз в житті кожної людини цікавить пошук роботи. І, незважаючи на те, що робота в Харкові є завжди, багато хто не знає, де її шукати і куди йти працювати. Що вибрати - вакансії в Харкові в невеликих фірмах або ж здійснювати пошук роботи в корпораціях? Що краще: робота в Харкові або виїхати в інше місто або навіть країну? Питань багато, тому ласкаво просимо на портал, орієнтований на пошук роботи і вакансій, а також розміщення резюме в Харкові!

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Вакансія: Фахівець,фахівчиня з питань захисту цивільного населення (в Харків)

  • Дата додавання:
  • Зарплата:50000 грн
  • Місто:Суми
  • Бажана Освіта:повна вища
  • Досвід роботи:обов'язковий
  • Графік роботи:повний робочий день

Загальна інформація про вакансію

<p><strong>About CIVIC: </strong>Center for Civilians in Conflict is an international nonprofit with offices around the world working to improve protection for civilians caught in conflict zones. Our mission is to work with armed actors and civilians in conflict to develop and implement solutions to prevent, mitigate, and respond civilian harm. We are advocates who believe that no civilian caught in conflict should be ignored, and advisors who provide practical solutions to preventing and responding to civilian harm. Learn more at www.civiliansinconflict.org</p> <p>CIVIC is expanding its presence in Ukraine and is looking for highly-motivated professionals to join the Ukraine country program. </p> <p><strong>PROTECTION OFFICER</strong></p> <p>Work with the Senior Protection Officer, and CIVIC Ukraine Program team to ensure successful implementation of projects within the Ukraine portfolio. The incumbent will implement the community-based protection component with a focus on establishing community protection groups (CPGs) in 3 communities (newly liberated areas or areas that are at risk of escalation) with the aim of supporting dialogue and coordination with local government, military administrations (Mas), local security and defense actors (SDAs), CSOs, volunteer groups, and broader local community groups. The position holder will work with affected communities to jointly identify and assess different protection risks and needs and support local efforts to address them. S/he will serve as the CIVIC’s interface to the military, communities, local government, and civil society as regards to all aspects related to the implementation of community-based protection component of the program. </p> <p> </p> <p>Location: TBD </p> <p>Travel: 50% of time, mostly to CIVIC pilot communities in Sumy oblast</p> <p>Reporting to: Senior Protection Officer</p> <p>Staff reporting: None</p> <p><strong>Key functions:</strong></p> <ul><li>Develop tools and approaches for pilot communities’ selection in newly liberated areas or areas that are at risk of escalation.</li><li>Implement the community-based protection strategy in 3 communities in newly liberated areas or areas that are at risk of escalation.</li><li>Facilitate the establishment and successful operation of CPGs in 3 communities.</li><li>Establish strong partnerships with communities, armed actors, local governments, local and international NGOs/CSOs/IOs within the designated communities, identifying opportunities for cooperation and leveraging existing platforms.</li><li>Work with the Senior Protection Officer to help ensure that recommendations to address identified protection risks and related needs (including assistance) are reaching relevant decision-makers and are followed up at the local level and are implemented.</li><li>Develop plans, and prepare reports for regular and ad hoc planning and reporting products.</li><li>Contribute to the establishment and maintaining of a “local initiatives fund” to support community-based protection initiatives.</li><li>Contribute to the capacity-building activities to MAs and relevant SDAs and civilian actors on the design and implementation of effective civil-military coordination mechanisms.</li><li>Contribute to the development of advocacy products (briefings, reports, surveys) that capture and amplify the voices and perspectives of civilians in authentic and compelling ways to support CIVIC advocacy strategy.</li><li>Contribute to the development of communication strategies to disseminate advocacy products via meeting, public events, as well as social media and other outreach channels. </li><li>Maintain connections with the protection community of practice, contribute to the coordination at the local level.</li><li>Represent CIVIC with international, non-governmental organizations, and local government stakeholders, promote effective collaborations and partnerships on delegated areas of responsibility.</li><li>Perform other duties as required to further the organization’s mission and goals in Ukraine.</li><li>Abide with all CIVIC security and operations policies and procedures.</li></ul><p><strong>Skills/Qualifications:</strong></p> <ul><li>University degree in a social science, political science, international relations, law, or a related field.</li><li>Prior experience in the fields of Protection and community engagement, dialogue facilitation and similar projects.</li><li>Training in project management, human rights, humanitarianism, mediation would be an advantage.</li><li>Minimum three years of relevant work experience, including work in conflict zones.</li><li>.Understanding of the conflict landscape in Ukraine and issues related to protection of civilians.</li><li>Willingness and experience working with conflict-affected populations and security forces.</li><li>Poise, flexibility, discretion, and mature judgment to handle and respond appropriately and professionally in a fast-paced, high-pressure atmosphere and as a team member.</li><li>Well organized, self-motivated, and able to conceptualize and implement programs in stressful environments.</li><li>Experience in representing organizations in sensitive environments, ability to maintain neutrality and impartiality in line with the organization’s mission.</li><li>Ukrainian fluency mandatory.</li><li>Good command of English.</li></ul><p>Deadline: November 24, 2022</p> <p><strong>Women are strongly encouraged to apply. Only Ukrainian citizens are eligible to apply</strong></p> <p>Resumes are reviewed on a rolling basis so please apply early.</p> <p><br /></p> <p>Apply here - civilians.bamboohr.com/careers/170 </p>

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